Terms of Use

We are glad that you are now visiting that section of our gambling house. Our site will help you understand all the issues that interest you. That means our casino rules are important to you, and you want to know more about them.

The site has certain rules that employees of our company and our customers must follow. That is necessary to maintain a full site system and order. We provide our clients with the opportunity to learn information about what they can do here and what they should not do. It will help you protect yourself from certain actions and the consequences you may not know before reading our terms of use of the site. So here you can find subsections such as:

  • Account Rules and Verification;
  • Holding More Than One Account;
  • Restricted territories;
  • Keeping Your Account Secure;
  • Unacceptable use of our services.

We kindly ask you to study these sub-clauses carefully so you do not violate our rules unknowingly. After all, regardless of whether the client knows our rules or not, he will bear the consequences like any other violator of our site following the law.

Account Rules and Verification

Before registering on our site, you must agree to share certain personal information about yourself with us. That way, we will be able to identify you and make sure that you do not pose a danger to other customers. We need to make sure that you are a person of legal age. We have every right to ask for proof that you are of legal age to avoid violations. If you are minor and are on our site, we will ask you to leave. You will not be able to register in our gambling hub, play and place bets. Our gambling hub does not provide services for clients who are minors, and therefore we carefully check such data.

During registration, you must provide us with only reliable information. It should be your correct date of birth and a valid ID that will provide us with information about your country of residence, address, email address, and telephone number. If that information changes, you will need to notify us.

Holding More Than One Account

All our services and promotions are only for one person, family, home address, etc. You cannot create another account if you already own an account in our casino. We ask for your data during registration, including credit card details and bank account number. If you have the idea to create another account, you will not be able to duplicate that data since they are personal and already on our website.

There is no legal way to create a second account for one person in our gambling house, and we actively monitor and stop illegal actions. If our site suspects that you are trying to create a second account to receive large payouts or bonus funds that you should not receive on the first one, then we will take action. In such a case, we must withhold any winnings and may charge an administrative fee.

Restricted territories

Gambling is not legal in all jurisdictions. Our site does not provide any legal advice or guarantee of using our site in your area. The client consciously takes responsibility for knowing the country's laws in which he lives. In order not to inadvertently violate the law, you should study the jurisdiction of your country in advance to know for sure whether gambling is legal in your area.

If our site works properly in your region despite the ban, then that is not a call from our site to break the law. In that case, all you need to do is leave our site in order not to have problems with the law in the future.

Keeping Your Account Secure

We take all necessary measures to provide you with all the security conditions. However, there are some issues in which only you can protect yourself. For example, we urge you to keep your username and password confidential so that unwanted third parties cannot use your account for their purposes. Our casino is not responsible for the misuse of the login and password by our customers, and we are not liable for possible losses as a result of that.

If you have forgotten any of your account details, you must contact us immediately so that we can help you. If you suspect that someone will gain off-limits access to your account, please let us know so we can suspend your account and stop the violator.

Unacceptable use of our services

Our gambling hub respects the laws and does not welcome their violation. The clients abide by the rules and do not take illegal actions on our website. If you use our site, you agree to and accept our rules and will not use our services for money transfers. You may not use our site for fraud or money laundering purposes.

If the client violates these rules, then our casino reserves the right to take the necessary measures to stop these actions. We will immediately terminate your access to our site and block your account in such a case. In addition, we also have the right to deny you access to any other services that we offer. Please be careful not to make mistakes that will have consequences.