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case in point8 2013 cosentino
228 pages, 24$
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This book aimed at preparing you for case studies is in its 8th edition, and has been the bestselling one for eight years. Its author undertakes a detailed analysis of the typical interview format, describing the main types of cases and offering his method to address them through fifteen examples. Various analytical frameworks are examined (including the “Ivy Case System” ©)

We can only blame Case In Point sound too academic side (which is explained by its first target, American universities), sometimes far removed from the realities of job interviews; for example, the virtual candidate is too guided by the interviewer (in reality very few interviewers will answer as many questions of the candidate, with as few critical responses).

Online, the author offers an interactive supplement to his book on the site the program: training in mental arithmetic, graphics to review and implementation of case resolution methods ...




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