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McKinsey is the global reference for strategy consulting, with 107 offices (including 21 in the United States) in 61 countries, 9,500 consultants, of which about 330 in France (source: McKinsey, February 2015) and a $ 6 billion turnover.

"Mac" was founded in 1926 by James O. McKinsey. The firm is held in particular esteem on topics of industrial performance, and lean-manufacturing specifically, actually quite far from the glorified image of a consultant advising CEOs on their growth strategy.

McKinsey groups its activities in a three-dimensional matrix that is constantly evolving. To date this gives (take a breath):

19 industry practices: Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Mining and Metals, Advanced Electronics, High Tech, Pharma, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics, Telecommunications, Electricity and Gas, Media and Entertainment , Private Equity, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Public Sector, Financial Services.

7 functional practices: Business Technology, Corporate Finance, Sustainable Development, Marketing and Sales, Operations, Organization, Risk, Strategy.

And the big innovation, “Capabilities Solutions”: McKinsey Advanced Data & Analytics, McKinsey Capability Building, McKinsey Digital, McKinsey Implementation, McKinsey Recovery and Transformation Services, McKinsey Solutions.

This is where one will find skillsets both astonishing and a little adventurous for this giant that wants to avoid becoming a monster, such as: proto web developers, data-scientists with math PhD profiles, marketing guys...

One more element can be thrown into this grab bag: Orphoz, a team of around thirty “change”-oriented consultants based in Lyon, a low-profile brand that only exists in France.

In France, McKinsey keeps communications to a minimum and heavily controls what it distills. The odds of getting scoops are slim.

Unlike the BCG, McKinsey seldom squabbles with its direct competitor, only refusing and refuting the “number two” label that it has always been tagged with in Paris, claiming pole position in sales (not proven at this stage).

Until recently, McKinsey only recruited up to a maximum grade of senior consultant, but stiff competition with BCG has pushed it to incorporate more experienced profiles: Engagement Managers, Associate Principals and even partners: the French office has six “direct elect” partners, of which four have been recruited over the past 18 months.

Number 2 in France (staffing), McKinsey does not seem to want to participate in the BCG-launched size race, in which Roland Berger is also competing. At this point, this seems to protect the firm from too big and not necessarily interesting missions (as is therefore sometimes the case with other consulting firms). The company currently seems in full ebullition, to manage the necessary changes in its market and cope with technological issues. In France, McKinsey remains “a must” (if not “the must”?) in the world of general management consulting; a highly standardized must where exceptions may still struggle to find their place.

Offices in Paris and Lyon.

Shareholding: 1,400 managing partners, including 46 in France.

List of associate directors in France:

Senior Associate Directors:

Julie Avrane-Chopard, Pierre-Ignace Bernard, Arnaud de Bertier de Sauvigny, Sandrine Devillard, Christophe Francois, Nicolo Galante, Homayoun Hatami, Eric Labaye, Eric Hazan, Mary Meany, Jean-Christophe Mieszala, Matthieu Pelissie Du Rausas, Filippo Rossi, Sandra Sancier-Sultan Associate Directors: Francesco Banfi, Herve Barbeyrac, Patrick Behar, Dominique Bery, Gwendoline Blandin-Roger, Stephane Bout, Hortense de la Boutetière, Florian Bressand, Paul-Louis Caylar, Jean-Baptiste Coumau, Guillaume de Ranieri, Laurent Giet, David Jacquemont, Jonathan Klein, Sebastien Lacroix, Franck Laizet, Sebastien Leger, Thomas London, Nicolas Maechler, Clarisse Magnin-Mallez, Veronique McCaroll, Alexandre Menard, Arnaud Minvielle, Thierry Nautin, Matteo Pacca, Jean-Baptiste Pelletier, Olivier Plantefève, Nathalie Remy, Francois Soubien, Karim Tadjeddine, Julie Verlingue

Recruitment: McKinsey almost exclusively recruits graduates from renowned Grandes Ecoles or holders of a prestigious MBA. Half of Associates (the Consultant grade at McKinsey) are recruited from outside the ranks of Business Analysts already with McKinsey.

Worth noting: a multiple choice questionnaire is part of the first round of interviews for juniors.

Last updated: September 2015

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