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14 offices in 7 countries, 56 partners, 40 consultants in Paris: there is OC & C summarized in a few numbers. The company is of English origin, created in 1987 in London (1989 in Paris), and is undoubtedly one of the finest European achievements in the industry to date, perhaps the most impressive (the company is known by the students of the best American MBA programs).

The partners of the Paris office come from larger structures, with bigger branding (mainly McKinsey but also Bain, Booz, Roland Berger, Estin, etc.). The firm currently has the highest rate of supervision of the market (one partner for every three consultants, one for every two if you count associate partners, which is just enormous).

Very well positioned on growth strategy issues, particularly in the retail sector where it is widely recognized, the company remains small. It survived the thunderous spin-off by its founder some years ago (Diligence Partners, absorbed by Roland Berger, then dissolved).

A nice boutique, with local partnership, intentionally sticking to 40 consultants in France, that remains low-profile (probably too much so) in the world of strategy consulting firms.

The partners in the Paris office of OC & C :

  • Bruno Bousquié (MP), Utilities, Healthcare and Consumer Goods
  • Michel Sasportes, Telecom-Media
  • Julia Amsellem, Retail and Public Sector
  • Stéphan Bindner, Business Services and Industry
  • Serge Blanchard, Retail and Aerospace
  • Jean-Michel Cagin, Telecom-Media
  • François Chaillou, Industry and Telecom-Media
  • Guy-Noël Chatelin, Consumer Goods and Private Equity
  • Philippe Pruneau, Capital Goods and Utilities
  • Pierre-Henri Vacher, Private Equity

Updated: September 2015

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