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Monitor Deloitte - Paris office

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Monitor Deloitte has been the worldwide name of Deloitte’s general management consultancy offering since 2013.

In France, the sixty-odd consultants are based in Neuilly, in Deloitte’s premises. Although not a spin-off, this team has its own methods of operation: recruitment, salary policy, partners, general management positioning. The partnership is Deloitte’s.

Historically, Monitor was quite the jewel. Created in 1983 by a group of associates linked to Harvard Business School, among whom Michael Porter (of the eponymous forces) and the Marc and Joseph Fuller brothers, the firm quickly made a name for itself in the United States, where it came close to its main (and older by ten years) rival, Bain, in terms of both reputation and billing rates.

The discovery in 2011 of a lobbying mission for Libya led first to the departure of Mark Fuller, the historic chairman, then to chain reactions that ultimately resulted in the purchase, in late 2012, of Monitor’s assets by Deloitte.

Monitor’s second life seems promising. Those who were left perplexed by the operation left in the classic integration phase, and the partnership in Paris has grown to include several associates and principals from Roland Berger. Activities are now being developed beyond pharma, the Paris office’s traditional focus, and Monitor Deloitte is involved in financial services, mass-market and retail, telecom, media and technology. The Paris office has reached an unprecedented size.

Although its development will probably be constrained by regulatory realities, Monitor Deloitte nonetheless possesses some real assets, so long as everything comes together just so: potential synergies with the group’s other activities seem enormous (Deloitte Digital, Legal, Transaction Services, Data Science…), and remain only to be implemented.


6 partners in Paris  : Thomas Croisier (MP), Alexander Mirow, Stéphane Bazoche, et Jean-Charles Ferreri, Jean-Marc Liduena, Cyril Gay Belan

Last update : Mai 2016


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