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Eleven Strategy & Management

78, Avenue Raymond Poincaré

75116 Paris

Tel :+33 (0)

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Eleven consultants at the launch in 2008, about 40 today. Eleven is a pretty and well balanced partnership (X-ensta, X-ensae, HEC, Sciences Po in particular), armed with three addresses in Paris, London and Madrid.

The firm has positioned itself, in recent years, around the digitalization of business and tech: choice of technological investments, due diligence, creation of subsidiaries, big data. The majority of operations include a “numeric device” aspect and the accompanying exploitation in terms of data or R.O.I. (for instance to measure the impact of streaming on a business or of geotagging in economic models). All of which seems eminently sexy.

Furthermore, no need to be a geek with thick glasses to join Eleven. But it is strongly advised to take an interest in innovation and the study of economic rupture models, and to be curious. Having emerged from one of the best French schools is also strongly recommended: current recruitment is highly selective.

Recently, we were quite impressed by their “Start-Up Studio” concept, a 100% in-house entity offering large CAC 40 type groups the opportunity to develop at great speed start-ups within their value chain, assess their viability and spin them off. A project they have already sold to an emblematic French group... Analytical entrepreneurs are more than welcome!

Elsewhere, the firm works with about ten CAC40 companies in the telco-media-content, energy, tourism, transport or financial services industries.

Projects are frequently international, with an operational strat angle that positively impacts the P&L. The pricing is rather aggressive for the market.

Recruitment is tightly aimed at the usual targets schools with a focus on X, Mines, Ponts, HEC and Essec.

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The partners :

  • Bertrand Semaille
  • Morand Studer
  • Ambrose Huret
  • Stevan Urien
  • Vincent Boutteau

Last Updated: January 2016

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