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Founded in 1963 by Bruce Henderson in Boston, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one of the industry leaders with 75 offices in 41 countries, 5,600 consultants, 700 partners of which around 50 in France and a turnover of more than 2 billion euros. In France, the Paris office edges ahead of McKinsey with 360 consultants (although these figures are difficult to verify) and displays devouring ambitions. Outside of the headquarters in Boston, it is the biggest office in the world, BCG’s true bridgehead in Europe and North Africa.

A generalist firm, BCG has notably established itself thanks to its more conceptual approach and its many theoretical models less used today (BCG matrix, learning curve, scenario planning…).

BCG effectively illustrates consulting firms’ diversification strategy towards areas of general management in the broadest of senses. One therefore takes little risk in writing that the Paris office operates primarily on organizational matters, a bit far from the image of strategic reference that it maintains. The firm is highly active in the banking sector (30% of turnover) and takes the lead on most bank merger projects (PMI). In addition, BCG is essentially the only firm to apply a strict policy of up or out, for better or for worse.

Recently, the Parisian and Belgian offices raided Roland Berger’s Aerospace team (Roland Berger had itself swallowed Oliver Wyman’s Bank team whole). A new and unexpected practice for this firm with elegant manners and extremely (too) controlled communications.

Shareholding: 700 partners, of which about 46 French. Recruitment: BCG recruits between 70 and 90 people a year in Paris, of which 80% are recent graduates from the best schools in France and the world. But BCG, far more than McKinsey for instance, also hires experienced professionals from the corporate world.

Worth noting: a written test during the recruiting process (in the first interview of the second round).

Senior Associate Directors: Lionel Aré, Stéphane Cairole, Jean-Michel Caye, Jacques Chapuis, Pascal Cotte, François Dalens, Patrick Ducasse, Sylvain Duranton, Michel Frédeau, Antoine Gourévitch, Nicolas Harlé, Jérôme Hervé, Nicolas Kachaner, Mathieu Lamiaux, Jean Mouton, Axel Reinaud, Hadi Zablit. Associate Directors: Olivier Abtan, Alexander Aractingi, Louis-Paul Aubagnac, Agnès Audier, Nicolas de Bellefonds, Elsy Boglioli, Olivier Bouffault, Guillaume Charlin, Julien Dangles, Raphaël Desi, Gilles Fabre, Jean-Christophe Gard, Joël Hazan, Frédérik Jobert, Pierre-Yves Jolivet, Jean-François Lahet, Gwenhaël Le Boulay, Franck Luisada, Vanessa Lyon, Benoit Macé, Timothy Mandefield, Mathieu Menegaux, Stephanie Mingardon, Olivier Morbé, Emmanuel Nazarenko, Philippe Plouvier, Olivier Sampieri, Olivier Scalabre, Yann Sénant, Olivier Wierzba.

Last updated: September 2015

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