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Bain & Company - Paris Office

50, avenue Montaigne

75008 Paris

Tel : +33 (0)

Customer Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Bain & Company was founded in 1973 by seven former partners of BCG and has since established itself as one of the global references in the field (it belongs to the Ivy League with McKinsey and BCG). It now has 47 offices worldwide.

Bain targets consulting that allows for materialized impact on clients. It communicates on its result-oriented culture by highlighting improved business results. The firm sometimes associates its fees to the effectiveness of its missions.

Bain is involved in many sectors, including financial services, retail and consumer goods, industry and services, utilities and energy, the public sector, TMT, private equity, and has launched a health pole (which was previously controlled from the German office). Although the Paris office is traditionally known for its private equity activities, it is now developing around operations, which tends to change the internal culture (less strategic but longer missions, with larger clients) but also its size.

After years of being among the chasers in France, Bain took advantage of the arrival of significant reinforcements, mainly from AT Kearney and Oliver Wyman, to achieve a more conventional size for the French market in comparison to its competitors (200 consultants on average).

Bain boasts a generalist approach and allows its consultants to be staffed on any kind of mission, across all sectors. It also offers an inter-office transfer program that is a real plus for the consultants who choose to join.

The firm is at the origin of innovative and highly analytical methodologies that have helped make his reputation (notably “first answer” and “MECE”).

Bath has its offices in a beautiful building on avenue Montaigne, in which a significant number of arrivals and departures have recently been noted, alongside rumors of a takeover by Accenture that have come to nothing.

For some time now Bain has been leading Anglo-Saxon rankings, stealing the spotlight from the sector’s usual two heavyweights.

Shareholding: 450 partners, including 20 French.

Recruitment: Recent graduates of Grandes Ecoles (currently dormant), MBA holders, or Grandes Ecoles graduates with 5 to 8 years of professional experience.

The partners:

  • Domenico Azzarello (MP for Bain in France),
  • Laurent-Pierre Baculard,
  • Grégoire Baudry,
  • Xavier Bersillon,
  • Jérôme Brunet,
  • Stéphane Charvériat,
  • Laurent Colombani,
  • Camille Goossens,
  • John Hazan,
  • Marc-André Kamel,
  • Arnaud Leroi,
  • Jean-Marc Le Roux,
  • Olivier Marchal,
  • Ada Di Marzo,
  • François Montaville,
  • Loic Plantevin,
  • Bertrand Pointeau,
  • Joëlle de Montgolfier,
  • Marie Saladin,
  • Daphné Vattier.

Last updated: September 2015

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