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A.T. Kearney - Paris Office

23, rue de l'Université 75007 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)

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AT Kearney is one of the leading consulting firms on an international level, with 61 offices in 40 countries and 3,000 consultants, of which about 140 in France.

AT Kearney was founded in 1926 by Andrew Thomas Kearney, the first partner of James McKinsey. In France it is now a general strategy and management consulting practice, with a significantly different position to the one it takes in the United States, where the firm is best known for “operational consulting” activities, closer to those of Celerant than of McKinsey.

The Paris office is particularly well positioned in consumer goods. Its Parisian business is divided between strategy (25%), due-diligence (15%) and operations (60%) with organizational and a limited amount of information systems strategy.

The company, at one time a subsidiary of EDS, was taken back by its partners in the mid-2000s. Long the market leader in France, with 400 consultants in 2001, AT Kearney is now in a challenger’s position. A potential merger with Booz & Co to create a new consulting “big” was considered during the summer of 2010 before being discarded.

Since the MBO, the company has effectively turned the corner at the international level. The Paris office has meanwhile undertaken what can be considered a purge of its partnership; the number of partners has been reduced in recent years, most likely to the benefit of its profitability. Back to the Stone Age: no female partner in France to date (apart from the Global CFO, who has her office in Paris)…

Since April 2013, AT Kearney is based in the rue de l’Université in the 7th arrondissement. This coincided with the growth of its Financial Services business, which contributes fresh air to ATK’s current situation.

The partners:

  • Xavier Mesnard, consumer goods-retail
  • Sébastien Declercq (Unit Head), financial institutions
  • Thierry Pascault, financial institutions
  • Jean Boschat, transport, PE
  • Laurent Cheuvreux, supply chain
  • Hervé Collignon, telecom-media
  • Eric Sauvage, consumer goods-retail
  • Laurent Dumarest, energy, process industries
  • Jerôme Souied, Private Equity
  • Thomas Sutter, tourism and recreation
  • Michel Jaubert, financial services, IT
  • Nicolas Lioliakis, financial services
  • Charles-Etienne Bost, transport, infrastructure, tourism
  • Benoit Gougeon, operational excellence
  • Rémi Cornubert, industry
  • Cyril Garbois, financial services
  • Pascal Armoudom, consumer goods-retail, Luxury

Updated: December 2015

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