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50 consultants in France, 1,000 in the world, 32 offices in 20 countries and a turnover of € 122.5M (of which € 9.5M in France).

Firm founded in 1886 by Arthur D. Little and Robert Griffin in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The first consulting firm in history, ADL is a strategy and management firm that has gradually specialized in the fields of development and innovation. ADL's expertise is particularly recognized in the telecommunications sector, whether for “pure” strategy missions or for IT strategy, organization and operations.

Arthur D. Little experienced a very difficult period in 2002-2003, when the US company had to sell its assets to pay its debts. The French company Altran Technologies then bought Arthur D. Little for € 104M. However, it then failed in turn to steer the ship back into line. The sale of the business through an MBO to its partners was finalized on December 30th, 2011 for 13 to € 20 million, confirming the difficulties in integrating a strategy consulting business (see Celerant or ATK).

Will the current teams be able to revive this historic brand on their own? Will they join forces with another firm?

In case of failure, several firms (in need of legitimacy?) are interested in the simple recovery of the Arthur D. Little brand, which is now worth as much (more?) as all of its assets.

In France, the firm’s business is fairly marginal but growing in recent months.

Worth noting: Ignacio Garcia Alves, ADL’s Global Managing Director, lives in Paris.

Shareholding: Partnership.

Four partners in Paris:

  • Vincent Bamberger (Managing Director), Private Equity, Transport and Innovation
  • Aurélia Bettati Ignacio Garcia Alves (Global Managing Director), TIME (Telecom, Information, Media, Electronics)
  • François Deneux, Healthcare and Chemicals
  • Delphine Knab, Industry

Updated: October 2015

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