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LEK Consulting – Paris Office
3, rue Paul Cezanne
75008 Paris

Phone: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0)
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Firm founded in London in 1983 (the Paris office opened in 1989) by 3 partners from Bain & Company. 50 consultants in France (September 2015), 1,000 worldwide spread across 21 offices. This is the second largest firm of European origin, even though it remains less known in Europe than its German cousin Roland Berger and more discrete than OC & C (English) even though the latter is smaller.

L.E.K Consulting is considered by some as one of the few firms to intervene in “pure strategy”, a concept dear to students. Known in France for its “private equity” positioning, LEK works on very “strat” missions, almost entirely sedentary, with minimal operational action. To offset an activity that is susceptible to being cyclical, indexed to the morale of investment funds, the company has efficiently developed in the energy market, in particular on issues of competitive positioning and growth, as well as in Healthcare to corporates (CAC40 or midcaps).

A nice boutique, quiet, “crunchy”, consensual in Paris.

Shareholding: 100 partners, in global partnership. The partners in the Paris office:

Clare Chatfield (MP), Energy and Industry Arnaud Sergent, Healthcare and Construction Rémy Ossman, Retail & Consumer Products and Industry Frédéric Dessertine, Construction, Industry and TIME (Technology, Internet) David Danon-Boileau, Transport, Industry and Construction Serge Hovsepian, Energy, Industry and Healthcare Gianluigi Indino, Industry

Last updated: September 2015

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