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This Paris-based firm (with 45 consultants) was created in 1997 by Jean Estin, former BCG and founder of Mercer's office in Paris (now Oliver Wyman).

Analytical and quant, the firm's assignments are often quite short and are more easily compared to strategic guidance reports than traditional consulting missions. The firm is seeking to taking on an international dimension with the opening of offices abroad (Geneva, London and Shanghai); tropism remains very French for the moment.

Benefiting from the very real recognition of Jean Estin (often not an easy character it seems) with many leaders, for whom he sometimes passes for a guru, Estin and Co can be a good first choice to start a career in consulting. The company hires many young graduates every year, with a strong preference for the HECs and Xs of this world (how chic!).

Being at Estin means doing due diligences, strategic reviews, growth strategies, but not performance improvement or organizational strategy. The firm’s clients are mainly medium-sized companies, which is a real advantage for the interest of the missions (clients who care, good exposure level, visible impact in particular).

The issue of Estin and Co’s transmission, though it does not seem urgent today, will be one to be followed in the medium term. Let us hope for Estin and Co that Jean Estin will be able to tread a different path than Dominique Mars, who does not wish to organize his succession. Actually, Jean Estin allegedly hates this comparison.

That said, there has been a limited youth movement of late, with the election of two young partners. The beginning of a changing of the guard?

The partners in the Paris office:

  • Jean Estin
  • Jean Berg
  • Antoine Pouillieute
  • Frederic Milgrom
  • Geoffroy Rupprecht

Updated: June 2015

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