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ASDA, the UK supermarket giant, has been forced to payback hundreds of thousands of pounds to its suppliers after breaching industry standards for fair dealings. The payments were made after the Groceries Code Adjudicator declared that the Wal-Mart owned chain had breached ‘the overarching principle of fair dealing’, and that its conversations with suppliers were “designed to carry an implication of detriment if any supplier declined to agree” to its demands. As part of its findings, it criticized the firm’s ‘project renewal’ strategy (launched in 2015), with consultancy, Bain. It said ‘the role of the third party consultants was closely bound up with the issues raised’, as Bain had been able to achieve bonuses based on the amount of money it was able to save ASDA. A spokesperson for Bain said: “As per our company policy, we do not speak publicly about who may or may not be our client.”


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