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While the McKinsey-Gupta shambles shows no sign of dying down, news is emerging of yet another McKinsey scandal. According to BizNews, Katiso Thamae, chief executive officer of South African management consulting firm, Deep Dynamics, has asked police to investigate McKinsey in connection with possible fraud. It is reported that Thamae accuses McKinsey of ‘deceiving’ his organisation in a tender process which saw him lose out on lucrative work as its empowerment supplier – despite believing his business was the chosen partner. Thamae claims he was verbally named a supplier last autumn, but then McKinsey backtracked, and it is reportedly refusing to name who the work has been given to. McKinsey denies this to be the case, saying: “The company in question did not meet the criteria required and therefore was not one of the firms selected, and this was communicated directly to the company.”


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