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McKinsey & Company and Roland Berger were both involved in helping to solve Europe’s migrant crisis of 2015-16, according to The Washington Post. The German government has reportedly paid McKinsey 29.3 million euros to work with the federal migration office – a role that is still continuing today. Key tasks include developing fast-track arrival centres that have the capacity to process claims quickly. However, the paper also claims this improved speed has come at a cost to quality. It quotes Minos Mouzourakis of the Brussels-based European Council on Refugees and Exiles, who says: “McKinsey and others developed a system for more efficient management of asylum cases to make sure that the backlog of cases could be cleared. This led to a substantial number of decisions being taken, but with a significant drop in quality.” Added Nora Markard, professor of constitutional law at the University of Hamburg and director of its refugee law clinic: “This is a very sensitive area of law where you can’t just streamline things, and I’m not sure that McKinsey’s approach is one that systematically takes human rights concerns into account”.

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