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McKinsey senior partner, Vikas Sagar, is reported to have taken a temporary leave of absence as more emerges from the scandal it is embroiled in in South Africa. The global consulting firm has been accused of setting up a sham supplier arrangement to divert millions of rands from Eskom to a company belonging to the powerful Gupta business family. One the most famous member of the Gupta family is a well-known name in the consulting industry. He was the first foreign-born manager of McKinsey. In 2012, he was convicted of fraud and sentenced in two years in prison.

Vikas Sagar, who joined the consulting firm more than 21 years ago, officially leads McKinsey’s Africa marketing and sales practice. His leave of absence comes as he is accused of misrepresenting McKinsey, and as the firm itself launches an investigation into the scandal. “To allow our review to proceed in an open and transparent way, and to allow Vikas Sagar the time to focus on our review, we have mutually agreed with Vikas that he take a temporary leave of absence, effective 6 July 2017,” said Bonita Dordel, McKinsey director of external relations Africa.

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