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Strategic consulting firm Bain & Company has announced the appointment of two new partners to its Seoul office. Kang Ji-chul, 42, and Yoon Sung-won, 38, are the consultancy’s newest partners, and they bring with them a combined 20 years’ experience working for Bain. Ji-chul has primarily worked as a specialist in consumer goods distribution, and has expertise in mid-to-long-term strategy development, operational innovation and digital transformation. Sung-won, meanwhile, was private equity group leader at Bain’s Seoul headquarters – a role that has seen him bring consulting services to domestic and overseas clients on topics from private equity to strategic investments and acquisitions. Sung-won first joined Bain in 2005 and is a graduate of Yonsei University, while Ji-chul is a graduate of Yonsei University’s Department of Economics, and holds an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. He joined Bain & Company in 2009.

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