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Bain & Company continues to practice what it preaches, after announcing it has gained ‘100% Carbon Neutral’ status for the sixth-year running. The certification, by Neutral Capital Partners, recognise numerous green initiatives Bain has, including having recycling and reduced paper initiatives across all its offices, increased teleconferencing and the purchasing of green energy – all of which contributed to helping Bain reduce its overall emissions for 2016, despite the fact the business was growing. As well as these measures, Bain has also invested in nearly 30 sustainability projects in eight countries. They include the Mississippi Valley restoration project in the US, wind power in China, and Amazonian rainforest conservation in Brazil. “We’re proud to be a sustainability leader in the global consulting industry with our carbon neutral initiative, a grassroots programme, led by our internal network of Green Teams,” said Steven Tallman, Bain partner and head of the firm’s global operations.

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