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Financial Times journalist John Gapper has described consultancy as a fast-spreading ‘curse’. In a deliberately thought-provoking article he said: “what was a niche for a handful of wizards in firms such as McKinsey & Co and Boston Consulting Group has turned into a thriving industry [where] consultants now do many jobs that companies once performed themselves.” He said consultants now comprised nearly one-quarter of all people who work in financial and professional services in the UK. “It begs the question of what a large consumer goods company, for example, does,” he said. “If trends continue, it could soon amount to a few managers overseeing consultants and contractors.” A danger, he argued is that companies are now being sold “similar ideas” – those that make firms more like other firms, creating a “conformity problem.” He added: “The second danger is that consultants become a habit — once they get inside the building, they are hard to eradicate. They have an interest in keeping the relationship going, either by persuading clients that the challenges are complex, or by selling them more services.”

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