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Richard Lesser, president, Boston Consulting Group, has told delegates at the World Economic Forum of Africa, that there is currently a ‘disconnect’ in leadership at the moment, which African leaders in particular need to address. He said: “We need to recognise that in Africa, big business alone won’t supply all jobs. Entrepreneurialism is needed, but this means having people connected to the internet, and this means creating a leadership that is more in touch.” Speaking in the session entitled: ‘Leadership in an age of disruption’, he said: “Around the world people feel disconnected with leadership. The challenge is for leadership to be empathetic, and reflective of its community. There are less than 10% of the scientists that are needed on this continent. Education is the single biggest lever to lift people out of poverty. We need leadership that leverages digital technology and encourages transformation.” The event, took place in Durban from 3-5 May.

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