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In an exclusive interview with CNBC, McKinsey’s managing partner, Oliver Tonby, Southeast Asia, has described technological change, and business 4.0 as the single-most important issue of this generation. He said: “We believe 44% of all skills – that is all tasks that are performed – are going to be potentially automated over time. There is a massive revolution going on that's going to affect every single company.” However, far from it signaling the start of mass unemployment, Tonby argued it will require new thinking, and new skills: “There’ll be a change in the skills required,” he said. “What we're talking about is the need for automation engineers, we're talking about UX designers, we're talking about data scientists. There's going to be a number of people that need to be either up-skilled, redeployed, so that's another big, big change that's coming our way.”

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