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Italy’s flag carrying airline, Alitalia – the 11th largest airline in Europe – has promised that by 2019, it will have cut costs by €1 billion, while simultaneously growing revenue by 30% to €3.7 billion – as long as it sticks to the rescue plan being developed by Roland Berger. The airline, which nearly went bust in 2013, was saved when Etihad Airways bought a 49% stake in it in 2014. The business plan being worked on by Roland Berger includes reducing the number of aircraft it flies by 20 by 2018, and better utilising its remaining 57 Airbuses. This includes adding more seats, and charging for services like seat selection. The plan, which will continue into 2021, was presented to the Italian government last month. “We can now accelerate our actions towards turning around Alitalia," says the carrier's chief executive Cramer Ball.

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