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Saikiran Krishnamurthy, who became one of the most high-profile hires at leading Bangalore e-commerce company, Flipkart in 2014, is returning to his roots, by re-joining McKinsey as a part-time advisor. The return of Krishnamurthy is a major coup for the consultancy. Indian industry sources claim McKinsey has lost more than 50 consultants in recent years — including 14 of its India leadership team to the ecommerce/startup sector. In 2015 Krishnamurthy was names one of “India's Hottest Business Leaders under 40” by the Economic Times, so the fact McKinsey has him back will be all the more satisfying. Before joining Flipkart, Saiki was senior a partner at McKinsey and worked with the firm for 15 years. His role included leading McKinsey's operations practice in India as well as heading McKinsey Implementation in Asia.

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