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Kolkata Airport in India will be restructured by McKinsey & Company, it has been announced. The Airports Authority of India has appointed the consulting firm to conduct a manpower restructuring strategy, which could also include (it has been suggested), putting in places processes that could enable the airport to be privatised at some point in the future. Kolkata Airport director Atul Dikshit confirmed that a team from McKinsey had already met, to collect operational and non-operational data, including deployment and role assignment information to officer-grade employees and workers. At the moment, the restructure plan is to be piloted at just Kolkata airport, but if the changes made there prove to be successful, the same template could be used for other airports managed by AAI. “The restructuring will optimise manpower so that productivity and efficiency increases,” said a spokesperson. “This will involve reallocation of jobs, or fresh training for new roles. Work profile of many people will change.”

See: Times of India


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