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Boston Consultant Group has won a contract to redevelop 400 rail stations throughout India, The Indian Express reported 23 August. The contract is estimated to be worth 8 crore rupees (10 million rupees or approximately $149,000) per month, and will last for six months, for a total of $894,000.

The project was put forward by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. BCG will analyze each of the stations and inform the Indian government how much the station is worth to the surrounding area’s commercial development. BCG will also be charged with plotting the redevelopment of each station.

The contract indicates that the Indian government recognizes a one-size-fits-all approach to developing the stations will not work. The government has recently signed a deal with the commercial developer of the Surat station that will last for 90 years.

“We could not have different lease periods for the same project,” one Indian official told the newspaper.

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