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Boston Consulting Group has agreed to continue working with former student interns who have formed an organization to promote leadership and youth employment in key industries, reported 10 August.

The student organization, called ‘Future Makers’, was a talent development project first sponsored by BCG. The organization was begun on 3 August in BCG, by students who were first selected as ‘Future Makers’ in May. Around 100 students were chosen from some of Italy’s best universities; 1,300 applied for the honor.

The association will focus on promoting events with leading Italian thinkers, policymakers, and businesspeople. The group will also host in-depth workshops, studies, and development strategies to allow its members to emerge into tomorrow’s leaders.

BCG’s Finance Director, Davide Ghisolfi, and principal Nicola Garelli are both part of the group’s Governing Council.

“The constitution of the association is the confirmation of the commitment of the Boston Consulting Group to offer the best opportunities for development, dialogue, and growth,” BCG Italy CEO Giuseppe Falco said.

BCG will host another session of the Future Makers in May 2017.

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