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A study has found that consulting is one of the few industries where employees advance to managerial positions quickly, according to Money & Career CheatSheet.

“Promotion speeds are unheard of if you’ve ever worked at a regular company,” one employee of Boston Consulting Group said on Glassdoor.

One worker at McKinsey & Company echoed this sentiment.

“As a younger employee, you will not find another place that will push you harder, grow you faster, and advance you faster,” the employee said, also on Glassdoor.

Bain & Company was also ranked highly by Glassdoor for career opportunities.

However, strategic management firms are also more likely to fire those who can’t keep up.

“If you are not perceived as good enough, they will ask you to leave,” Firmconsulting, a company that trains people to secure consulting jobs, said.

Employee advancement is a concern for many in the U.S., as wages have frozen and opportunities to climb the corporate ladder diminish. According to a 2015 survey by LinkedIn, the top reason for workers leaving their jobs was a lack of advancement opportunities.

Other industries seen to offer career advancement options include professional services and accounting, restaurants and food service, and retail.


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