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Boston Consulting Group CEO Rich Lesser recently linked an article giving 20-somethings advice on their careers. FT columnist Lucy Kellaway said 7 August that this advice should be ignored.

Lesser advised millennials to look for “something you find truly energising and satisfying.” Kellaway dismissed this advice as vapid and unhelpful, arguing that job satisfaction can only be determined when and if you’re performing the actual job. She also points out the early jobs in a career are often boring and can be frustrating, and that this was something everyone should expect.

“The gap between expectation and reality is the biggest problem for millennials, and Mr Lesser out not to widen it,” Kellaway wrote. Lesser also advises 20-somethings to find a job where they can learn skills. However, Kellaway notes, in today’s workplace, skills go out of date very quickly.

Lesser encourages millennials to find work that “makes a difference” and provides “balance.” Kellaway skewers both of these ideas, arguing that many job seekers seek to make a difference, though few do early in their career, and “difference” is very subjective. As for finding balance, she pointed out that Lesser runs “a sweat shop for the elite”.

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