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Boston Consulting Group has been awarded a $3.65 million contract to help NYC Health & Hospitals restructure the network, Modern Health Care reported 14 July.

The organization’s finance committee approved the contract 7 July, but it still needs the green light from the health system’s board of approval. That meeting should take place 28 July.

The contract is for six months and can be extended up to 18 months.

The system said it needed the consulting firm, “given the enormous body of work facing the transformation office and its nascent state.”

BCG beat out McKinsey and Accenture. BCG won the contract after reducing its fees from $4.9 million to $3.65 million. Though one of the competitors bid for $3.45 million, the contract was awarded to BCG.

BCG will be responsible for outlining what staffing the system requires, and how work will be conducted through the system’s new transformation office. Dr. Ross Wilson, formerly the chief medical officer, will now lead the transformation team and implement CEO Dr. Ram Raju’s ‘Vision 2020’. The plan aims to restructure the system within five years.

BCG will also be responsible for providing a road map for Health & Hospital’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment program.

Source : Modern Healthcare

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