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Advancy has appointed two internal candidates to VP positions.

benjamin maupetit advancyBenjamin Maupetit will serve as VP and Managing Partner of Advancy China. A “particularly talented individual,” Maupetit joined Advancy in 2009 after spending time at MIT’s Center for Transportation & Logistics.


stepan wildt advancyStepan Wildt, a Paris partner, has been promoted to VP and will be responsible for developing international relations in regards to investment funds. Wildt, originally Czech, received a diploma from ESSEC in 2003, and joined Advancy in 2007 after spending four years at BCG.


The Consulting firm targets 40 new hires in 2016, of which 20 have already been found. Advancy hired 30 consultants in 2015, and the company is experiencing a period of sustained growth.

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