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Our project

Driven by our passion for the strategy consulting industry, we launched the Consultor website to address an observation: the lack of a French site devoted to the sector.

Our project is to develop a true platform for strategy consulting, where it is possible for candidates, consultants and consulting clients to find useful information about the industry.

In practice, you will find: industry news, a complete (and independent) guide to consulting firms, tips on becoming a consultant (assembling a CV, succeeding at interviews, decoding business cases, etc.) and on succeeding as one (career advice, practical tools), logic tests, as well as industry job offers – while always striving to guarantee the quality and professionalism of our content.

We also want to build a real community, a place to exchange and share thoughts on the field. This dimension is currently under development. It is expressed through the comments on our pages, the opportunity to publish testimonials or articles (after review by our team) and our active presence on social networks (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). It will notably take flight with the impending addition, within the next few weeks, of a discussion forum. We are counting on you to participate in this great project!

Don’t hesitate to share your comments and suggestions with us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), – this site aims to meet your most ambitious requirements.

Our history

The very first version of the Consultor website, which we created ourselves, was launched in April 2010. Truth be told, it wasn’t the most beautiful site…

Working with design and IT professionals, we built a more advanced version of the website, which you have been able to browse since February 2011.

Today, we are full of ideas and projects for the Consultor site, and you will see a number of innovations appear in the coming weeks, all aimed at making the site ever more useful for our visitors, be they:

  • Strategy consultants
  • Consulting clients
  • Consulting firm candidates

Who are we?

Discrete by nature, we are former strategy consultants who have spent many years working for some of the field’s best firms. We rely on a network of industry professionals to ensure the relevance of our content. We are fundamentally committed to following the ethical standards of a firewall between editorial and advertising. The best proof of our independence can be found on a daily basis within our analyses of consulting news and firms. If your opinions are different from ours, you can respond in our articles’ comments, or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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